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January 10, 2019

AUSPAC Basketball News

mELbourne, Australia 2019

Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to AUSPAC Basketball News

AUSPAC Basketball is an Australian owned entity that operates in the Asia Pacific region for the betterment on basketball throughout the world.

Now that you have had the introduction to who we are lets talk about where we are headed for 2019. AUSPAC BBall will be holding two major international tournaments in our home city Melbourne, Australia; with expert scouts to write the AUSPAC Basketball Report.

The first tournament held in July is the Fairdunkem Club Championships. It is called a club championship because it specifically invited club teams. Club teams are able to recruit players from wherever they like. This usually increases the teams level of skill. We have confirmed VIC state team and SA state team as well as the the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence Squad.

We welcome teams from South East Asia, including China, the Phillippins, New Zealand, just to name a few. We are also excited to have 4 major AAU Teams from America including Dante Exum’s AAU Squad, the Exum Elite Utah Prospects!

The next major international tournment AUSPAC Bball will hold is the True Blue School Championship which will be held in December, in the heart of summer!! And things will be certainly heating up in Melbourne, with the prestegious golf tournament the “President’s Cup” being hosted minutes away! But enough about golf, because the True Blue Championships will host the best school teams from around the world, showcasing the best basketball prospects in the Asia Pacific region.

So thats where AUSPAC Basketball Report comes in, to view, critique and report on the best and brightess basketball players on the up and up. Giving coaches from around the world access to insight from reputable scouts to facilitate better basketball throughout the world. Or, as I like to say it… AUSPAC Basketball is bridging the gap 🙂



AUSPAC Basketball is an Australian owned entity operated within the Asia Pacific region for the betterment of basketball throughout the world.


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